How the Continuous Process Works

The continuous grinding mill is a compact vertical design suitable for continuous production of large quantities of materials. Premixed slurry is pumped through the bottom and discharged at the top of a tall, narrow jacketed tank with internally agitated grinding media. The fineness of the processed material depends on the time the material stays in the grinding chamber (“dwell” time).

Dwell time is controlled by the pumping rate. The slower the pumping rate, the longer the dwell time and the finer the grind.

The grinding media used in continuous grinding mills range in size from 2mm to 10mm in diameter. Carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome steel and ceramic balls are commonly used media.

Continuous grinding mills can also be set up in series. This can be accomplished by using larger media in the first unit which is equipped with grids having larger openings for accepting a coarse feed size. Subsequent units then utilize smaller media, resulting in a finer grind. 

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