Spec Tips for Horizontal Media Mills

Why They May Be Right For Your Operation: Selection and Spec Tips

Horizontal media mills aren’t always the first equipment that comes to mind for a new project – many times, a company will think that the grinding mills they’ve always used will always get the job done. 

But that’s simply not always the case. In certain circumstances, the best choice would be horizontal media mills, especially when an operation requires: 

  • A finer grind with smaller media
  • Closed System

Many believe the future in horizontal mills lies in using circulation grinding. This offers additional advantages to “conventional” horizontal mills including: 

  • More finely tuned temperature control
  • A narrower particle size distribution 
  • The ability to add ingredients at any time during grinding
  • Less operator attention
  • Less media

In fact, our horizontal media mills provide these advantages of circulation grinding with the benefits of horizontal milling. 

While many horizontal mills operate in continuous mode (single pass), it is sometimes beneficial to consider a mill that operates in either circulation or continuous mode. Circulation grinding offers many benefits including less grinding media required, a narrower particle size distribution and the ability to continuously monitor slurry and add ingredients to the premix tank at any time. 

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