Limestone Grinding Ball Mill (CL)

CL200 Ball Mill

CL Attritors – Stirred Vertical Ball Mill Limestone Grinding System

The economical CL Attritor Stirred Vertical Ball Mill is used for wet grinding limestone for flue gas desulphurization. The process uses limestone feed stock of approximately 6mm in size and wet grinds the limestone to 95% minus 325 mesh. The CL Attritor operates in continuous processing mode. The grinding circuit includes the separation tank, mill recirculating pump, mill product tank, hydrocyclone, hydrocyclone feed pump and all necessary controls. Due to the CL Attritor’s high efficiency, the power consumption for this mill is 50% less compared to conventional ball mills of a similar size. This results in substantially lower operating costs.

CL Attritor Grinding Process illustration

The CL Grinding Process

  1. The process begins with 1-1/2″ limestone, which is fed from the silo to the crusher.
  2. The limestone is reduced to 6mm pieces in the crusher.
  3. The crushed limestone is then mixed with water in the Premix Chamber and fed into the CL Attritor Mill.
  4. The limestone slurry exits the CL Attritor Mill and enters the Separation Tank.
  5. Any oversized particles are pumped back into the Mill while finer slurry overflows into the Mill Product Tank.

CL Attritors for Limestone Grinding

MODELHPWorking Media
Volume (gallons)
Maximum thru-put
Dimensions (inches)
*W x D x H
Operating Weight (Lbs.)
CL254012.5200045 x 80 x 1068000
CL505025400050 x 94 x 11610000
CL1007550800056 x 106 x 13214000
CL2001251001600065 x 116 x 15120000
CL3001501502400070 x 125 x 16328000
CL4002002003200074 x 130 x 17740000
CL5002502504000078 x 134 x 18848000
CL6002503004800081 x 139 x 200 55000
CL7003003505600087 x 144 x 211 62000
CL8003504006400090 x 149 x 219 68000
CL9004004507200092 x 154 x 231 73000
CL10004505008000098 x 159 x 240 80000
CL1250500625100000103 x 164 x 254 94000
* Width dimension does not include room for drive head rotation.

CL-5 Limestone Ball Mill

Model CL-5 Laboratory Attritor

The CL-5 Stirred Vertical Ball Mill for Limestone Grinding is a smaller version of the production sized CL Series Mills. It is ideal for research, scale-up and small-scale production. This mill will process in the range of 200-500 pounds of limestone per hour and is equipped with a variable frequency drive (VFD) and a 15 horsepower inverter duty motor. The CL-5 uses 2.5 gallons of grinding media.

ODELHPWorking Media
Volume (gallons)
Maximum thru-put
Dimensions (inches)
W x D x H
Operating Weight Lbs.
CL-5152.540034 x 51 x 821600