Wet Continuous Production Mills

How Continuous Attritors Work

C-20 Continuous Production Mill Attritors
C-20 Attritors

The continuous Attritor is a compact vertical design suitable for continuous production of large quantities of materials. Advantages of using a continuous Attritor include continuous large production, fastest grinding and processing, excellent temperature control, simple and safe operation, and low power consumption.

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Advantages of Using a Continuous Attritor: 

  • Continuous large production
  • Fastest grinding and processing
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Simple and safe to operate
  • Low maintenance and power consumption

Common Applications for Attritors:

  • Minerals, ores, coal
  • Paints, toners, inks
  • Ceramics
  • Food products
  • Chocolate, confectionery
  • Paper coatings, calcium carbonate, clay
  • Ferrites
  • Metal oxides
  • Agricultural flowables
  • Chemicals

“C/H” Series

C-60 Continuous mill

Continuous Attritors are best suited for the continuous production and fast grinding of large quantities of material. They are designed to deliver hours of low-cost, maintenance-free operation. The basic model features a system that does not require an expensive shaft seal.

Continuous Attritors come in two basic types, “C” and “H” series. The “C” series runs at lower RPMs and generally uses a larger grinding media of 5mm – 10mm diameter. The “H” series runs at higher RPMs and utilizes smaller media of 2mm – 4mm.

Both C and H type Attritors are available in sizes ranging from the large scale production model C/H-100 to the laboratory size C/H-3 and C/H-5 models. 

The laboratory size continuous Attritor models are designed to reliably test and scale-up to production-size continuous Attritors. They can also be used to produce small quantities for developmental purposes. 


A variety of accessories are available to meet different process conditions including special models with all stainless steel wetted parts.

Standard Features

  • Special 450% starting torque, 2-speed, 2-winding motors for easy startup
  • Standard (TEFC) or explosion-proof electric motor and controls
  • Grinding tank (304SS) jacketed for heating or cooling
  • 90° tank tilt for shaft removal and easy cleaning
  • 4140 steel shaft with hardened tool steel agitator arms
  • Media discharge valve
  • Choice of variable-speed gear pump or air diaphragm pump

Tank and Arm Options

  • Alumina-lined grinding tank
  • Rubber-lined grinding tank
  • Tungsten carbide sleeved agitator arms
  • Zirconium oxide sleeved agitator arms
  • Polyurethane sleeved agitator arms
  • 440C stainless steel arms

Engineering Data

ATTRITOR MODELC-3/H-3C-5/H-5C-10/H-10C-20/H-20C-40/H-40C-60/H-60C-100/H-100
Grinding Tank (gals)3.7 6.0 14 27 49 79 133 
Media Volume (gals)3.3 5.5 11 22 44 66 110 
HP3-5 5-7.5 10-15 20-30 40-60 60-100 100-150 
Total Height (A) 88″ 88″ 104″ 114″ 129″ 149″ 166″ 
Intake Height (B) 12″ 12″ 12″ 17″ 17″ 17″ 18″ 
Discharge Height (C) 42″ 48″ 57″/54″ 71″/72″ 83″/81″ 90″ 96″/91″ 
Floor Space (W x D)20″x 40″ 29″x48″ 50″x40″ 52″x52″ 58″x60″ 62″x62″ 66″x66″ 
Weight (lbs) w/o media1600 1900 3600 4000 6500 9500 14,500
C-150, C-200 and CLS Series available on request.
Equipment can be built to CE specifications, if required.

Special Options

  • All models can be equipped with a torque meter to precisely measure energy expended in the grinding chamber.
  • Stationary arms can optionally be fitted into the tank wall in configurations best suited for your specific application. These arms are removable/interchangeable.
  • Baffles and special linings can be fitted or coated on the tank walls to increase the life of the tank in applications such as power plants and mining when maintenance must be kept to a minimum.
  • Variable speed drive motor systems.
  • Cover and shaft seals for grinding in a closed (pressurized) system.