Limestone Slaker Ball Mill (CLS)

CLS150 Lime Slaker

CLS Attritors – Stirred Vertical Ball Mill Lime Slaker

The patented CLS Attritor Stirred Vertical Ball Mill Lime Slaker operates in continuous processing mode and has been used successfully in power generating plants for flue gas desulphurization (FGD). The Attritor will slake the lime as well as grind the inert grit, eliminating grit separation and disposal problems.

Because of its compact size, the Attritor Stirred Ball Mill Slaker will readily fit under the skirt of the lime silo making it unnecessary to have an additional building to house the mill. This results in substantial savings in space and cost.

As worldwide leaders in fine grinding technology, the Union Process CLS Attritor Stirred Vertical Ball Mill Lime Slaker is an integral component in the Lime Slaking System produced by CHEMCO Systems, L.P.

CLS Lime Slaker Process illustration

The CLS Grinding Process

  1. Quick lime is withdrawn from the lime silo via a screw feeder.
  2. Dry lime and proportional water are mixed in the premix chamber and fed to the CLS Attritor Lime Slaker.
  3. The slaked lime and grit discharges from the slaking mill into the separation tank.
  4. The separation tank is comprised of two chambers (primary and secondary) that are separated by a wall which allows slurry to flow from the bottom of the first chamber to the second chamber.
  5. The coarse grit settles to the bottom of the first chamber and is pumped back to the mill for further grinding. The finer particles of hydrated lime flow upward in the second chamber and exit the separation tank to the lime slurry storage tank.

CL Attritors for Lime Slaking

MODELHPWorking Media
Volume (gallons)
Maximum thru-put
Dimensions (inches)
W x D x H
Operating Weight Lbs.
CLS203010270043 x 70 x 1107000
CLS253012.5337544 x 70 x 1147000
CLS304015405045 x 72 x 1198000
CLS404020540047 x 74 x 1229000
CLS605030810050 x 76 x 13210500
CLS756037.51012552 x 86 x 13812000
CLS10075501350054 x 96 x 14914000
CLS150100752025058 x 101 x 158 18000
CLS200125100270063 x 106 x 170 23000
CLS2501501253375065 x 114 x 179 27000
CLS3001501504050068 x 122 x 185 30000
CLS400200200540072 x 128 x 200 40000
CLS5002502506750075 x 134 x 211 48000