Dry Continuous Laboratory Mills


How Continuous or Batch Dry Grinding Attritors Work

Dry Grinding Attritors can be operated in Continuous or Batch operation. For a complete explanation of how Dry Grinding Attritors work in both Continuous and/or Batch operation, please download the Technical Paper “Attrition Dry Milling in Continuous and Batch Modes”

Model HSA-1 Laboratory Attritor

The HSA-1 High Speed Attritor is generally used in a continuous mode. The material is charged into these lab mills at the top and is discharged out the bottom side, making use of centrifugal force. The HSA is used when smaller particle size (generally 40 mesh) materials are fed into the machine and micron size end product is desired. Also, it is often used for fibrous and polymer types of materials.

Drive SystemMechanicalElectronic
Tank Capacity (gal)1.31.3
Working Capacity (gal)0.40.4
Media Volume (gal)0.3-0.50.3-0.5
HP – Standard Dry Grinding3 HP5 HP
HP – DSM (mechanical alloying)– 
Height (inches)4743
Bench Space (W x D in inches)24×4422×32
Machine Weight (lbs) w/o media750600

Standard Power for all lab machines is 230/460V, 3 phase
The HSA-1 is equipped with a variable speed drive system (either mechanical or electronic)
and tachometer to measure shaft RPM. All the grinding tanks are water jacketed.
Our lab mills can be built to CE specifications, if required.