Glass Frit

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Glass Frit Applications for Attritors

Glass frit, in one form or another, has been around since ancient Egypt. Then, it was used in pigments and was also shaped into objects. Some authorities believe it also was used as an intermediary step in making glass.

Today’s glass frit consists of a mixture of minerals, ceramic materials and glass that is heated, quenched and then ground. It forms the basis for pigments and coatings and – just like long ago – is shaped into objects or components. Glass frit also is used to make tinted glass and other types of glass with special properties.

The automotive, appliance and consumer goods industries are some of those that use pigments and coatings made using glass frit.

One of the challenges in processing glass frit is the need for a contamination-free environment. To achieve this, Union Process recommends using a ceramic-lined, metal-free tank and grinding media such as alumina or zirconium.

The S Series or SD Series of Attritors, whether in batch or continuous mode, is well-suited for grinding glass frit after it has been heated and quenched.

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