ferrite magnet ring

Ferrite Applications for Wet and Dry Grinding Attritors

A ferrite is a magnetized ceramic material that incorporates iron oxide (rust) and a metallic element like barium, manganese, nickel or zinc. Large amounts of the iron oxide are mixed and fired with a small amount of one of the metals to create the ferrite.

Two types of ferrites can be formed: hard and soft, which are both good electric insulators and can be easily magnetized.

Hard ferrites are the more difficult to magnetize and are used for items like refrigerator magnets and loudspeakers.

Soft ferrites are more easily magnetized and can easily change their magnetization. They’re used as cores in high-frequency inductors and transformers and in some microwave components.

As part of the manufacturing process, the ferrite material must be ground to a very small particle size. Ferrite’s magnetic properties can make the particle size reduction process difficult and requires specially lined grinders to decrease the magnetic effects.

Union Process manufactures several Attritors suitable for grinding ferrites: