Calcium Carbonate Grinding

raw calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate exists in the earth’s crust in such natural forms as chalk, limestone and marble. 

Undeniably one of the most prevalent compounds on earth, calcium carbonate has proven valuable in a variety of industries. 

The paper, plastics, paints and coatings industries all rely heavily upon this chalky mineral, due in large part to its bright white color and fine-grinding capabilities. 

The construction industry also holds this mineral compound in high demand. Calcium carbonate, a primary ingredient in cement, contributes to the production of stones, concrete blocks, mortar, shingles, tiles and rubber compounds.

Amazingly, even the health and wellness industry utilizes this mineral consistently. Used as both an antacid and a dietary calcium supplement, calcium carbonate provides health benefits for increased bone density, suppression of acid reflux and a variety of other health issues. 

Among other things, it is used as a polishing agent in toothpaste, as a key baking agent, as a mineral fertilizer and as an aggregate in the steel industry. 

Factors for Calcium Carbonate Grinding

The grind of the calcium carbonate depends upon the application for which it is being used. With our Attritor grinders available for both dry and wet grinding processes, your calcium carbonate grinding requirements can be tailored to meet your exact specifications. 

To determine what type of grinding process should be used, you must first consider the nature of the material being ground as well as the intended end use of the material.

  • Will it react negatively to temperature changes?
  • Is it flammable?
  • What is the natural moisture content and how will that affect the grind?
  • What is the desired surface area for the end-product?
  • What about the particle shape?

These fine grinding considerations are important to analyze before choosing a grinding processor. Our technicians excel in determining the correct grinding equipment needed to achieve your desired results. For help determining which Attritor grinder is best for your calcium carbonate grinding needs, contact us: Call 330.929.3333 or click here to find a rep in your area

Explore some of our most common grinding Attritors below:

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