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Food Processing Applications for Attritors

Food processing today is a mammoth industry, drawing in around $700 billion in annual revenue. In spite of – or perhaps because of – its size, food processing faces numerous challenges in today’s global landscape, including:

  • Greater regulation
  • Changing consumer demands
  • Increasing competition
  • Labor shortages

Still, there’s been one constant over the millennia: the need to take raw food and reduce the pieces to an appropriate size. At one time, this may have meant carving a mastodon so everyone received their fair share of the hunt. But in today’s food processing setting, it frequently means reducing sugar, spices and other ingredients to powder-like consistency for use in industrial recipes.

Union Process offers a full range of Attritors to assist in this process, including:

We also offer specialty Attritors designed for the chocolate and confectionary markets.

Backed by years of experience, Union Process has a clear understanding of the needs of the food processing industry and can tailor an Attritor for your specific application. We also can optimize your grinding operation to help you reach your goals.

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