Small Assembly

(to include but not limited to)

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    75% Machine Fabrication and Assembly

    • Do all required in-house fabrication of machines and machine components
    • Do all required sub-assemblies and final assemblies of machines
    • Do minor prep work required by assembly departments before sending to paint
    • Follow work order dates / priorities and routing issued by supervisor / plant manager        

    10% Inspection

    • Responsible for your craftsmanship and accuracy (must be ready for assembly)
    • Final inspections of machine is required before crating and shipping
    • Final inspection sheets must be complete and all information correct (this is the information we use after unit is shipped) **exceptionally important**

    10% Cleanliness of Assembly Area and Work Cells

    • Benches organized, free of clutter and debris
    • Clean-up and sweeping, trash in trash cans
    • Air hoses and electrical cords, tools in proper location
    • Keep walkways clear; keep work inside yellow line whenever possible
    • (Remember we have customers and visitors who do walk through the shop)

    3% Assembly equipment maintenance

    • Maintain welding equipment and keep in overall state of operation
    • Maintain assembly tooling and keep in proper working condition
    • Maintain air hoses and fittings, electrical cords and other related items
    • There may be miscellaneous routine maintenance needed related to assembly areas, but not listed above

    2% Reordering of Assembly Supplies

    • MRO card ordering system
    • Non-MRO items: look up part number & fill out purchase request and return to supervisor
    • Check up coming jobs, check tooling so it does not delay job completion dates 

    General expectations of this position

    • Work goal is to provide best quality assembly product possible (when re-work is required, please remember this is to ensure quality to our customer) 
    • When you are not doing assembly jobs, use this time for equipment inspections, reordering assembly supplies
    • When you are not doing assembly-related jobs, this is not free time to read magazines, newspaper, or be in other areas of the company (small assembly is your job station)
    • Leaving the company grounds at break time is not permitted without approval of your supervisor or plant manager
    • All production shop employees are expected to adhere to the working hours and break schedule outlined in the company handbook

    This position requires responsibility. Like other employees, your role is to be part of the production team (to provide our customer with the highest quality product, while maintaining on-time shipments)