Union Process Fills Niche with New Attritor

Akron, Ohio – Union Process, Inc., a globally recognized manufacturer of production grinding Attritors, has designed and manufactured a “Q-03” Attritor. The Q-03 was created for a Union Process client who requested a lab scale version of the Q-100 model they utilize for testing on a benchtop scale. The Q-03 is ideal for pigments, coatings, paints, inks and any other application to evaluate the larger Q systems on a lab scale.

The Q-03 features a 1-HP motor with a variable frequency drive, metal-free ceramic contact components, a ½” NPT air diaphragm pump assembly with ground dampening enclosure, and a 1-gallon premix tank with electric mixer. Both the grinding tank and premix tank are jacketed for cooling. The recirculation capabilities of the Q-03 provide a larger batch capacity relative to its size, a substantial cost savings on wear items and parts, and a more narrow particle distribution.

“The lab-scale Q-03 is an effective alternative to a wet batch process system,” said Chuck Major, Union Process Sales Manager. “We can work with any customer to configure a unit that will meet their specific needs.”

Since 1946, Union Process has been developing and building custom Attritors from a wide variety of applications for customers all over the world

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