A Hybrid Design The SDM line from Union Process is a hybrid design that couples the grinding features of a batch Attritor with the performance features of a bead mill. The Advantages of a Batch Attritor . . . SDM Attritors share many of the same advantages of batch Attritors including: • No expensive shaft seals to maintain • Simple operation • Energy efficient • No premixing requirement • Minimum maintenance required • Rugged construction • Material can be inspected and additions can be made at any time during the grinding cycle • Compact design • No special foundation needed . . . with the Added Features Necessary to Accomplish Bead Milling Additional advantages of the SDM design are: • Specially designed shaft and discs configured to accommodate bead milling (using mini media from 0.25 to 3 mm) • High shaft speed (from 400 to 4000 RPM) to energize small media SDM Series Attritors Designed For Bead Milling Applications Model 10-SDM