Agricultural Flowables

pressure tank for agricultural flowables

Agricultural flowables are most often seen in the form of pesticide formulations. Pesticide formulations are a combination of active and inert ingredients that form an end-product used to kill insects, pests, fungicide and other damaging matter to agricultural products. 

Many of the active ingredients most effective for pesticide application also require inert ingredients to act as a diluent or carrier, as their pure form is too concentrated and toxic. These inert ingredients (no pesticidal properties) serve to make the pesticide formulation safer, easier to handle and easier to apply.

The physical and chemical properties of the active ingredients used in pesticide formulations vary considerably, especially in their solubility. This varying solubility results in liquids that are either a solution, a suspension or an emulsion.

3 Main Types of Pesticide Formulations

Solution – A solution is a mixture that has a dissolved substance within a liquid and cannot be separated after dissolving.

Suspension – A suspension is a liquid mixture as well; however, the substance is merely dispersed within the liquid. Suspensions do not maintain even particle distribution unless agitated.

Emulsion – An emulsion is a unique combination of liquid ingredients. These are made by suspending droplets of one liquid in another. Additives are often used to assist in emulsion properties in order to prevent the product from settling.

Agricultural Flowables and Suspension

Agricultural flowables are most often considered a suspension. They consist of solids that will not dissolve in either water or oil. Many times, these ingredients must be adhered to a dry carrier, such as clay, and then ground to a fine powder. The powder is then suspended into a liquid. The resulting liquid is thick and viscous. 

To achieve the optimal grind for these highly technical blends, grinding units with micro-size capabilities and high process control are imperative.

Attritor grinders provide the answer. With their cost-efficiency, ease of access, versatility and ability to produce ultra-fine particle sizes, attritor grinders produce desirable results for agricultural flowable product grinding.

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