Miscellaneous Position/ Production Support

(to include but not limited to)

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    20% Building Maintenance

    • Perform some required in-house building upkeep and repairs and replacement
    • Responsible for snow removal and salting on sidewalk, steps, front gate and shipping dock, mail box delivery areas
    • Responsible for (non-lawn service) weeds and brush removal around building
    • Keep shipping dock area clear of weeds and debris 
    • Assist with outside maintenance personnel when requirement is needed

    20% Specialty Building Projects

    • Specialty lab projects when production assistance is needed
    • Specialty building projects interior and exterior not provided by outside service

    10% Machinery and Equipment Maintenance 

    • Routine maintenance of forklift, pallet mules, hydraulic lifts and jacks (notify manager when outside service is needed)
    • Routine maintenance and cleaning of drill presses, air compressor, saws, arbor presses, sandblasters etc.
    • Routine maintenance of gas-powered equipment, chain saws, weed eater, blower 

    20% Production Department Assistance

    • Assist  production departments in keeping up with current workload when requested
    • Assist with small and large assembly spare parts when needed
    • Building shipping crates not provided by outside service
    • Crating and packaging of spare parts and machines when requested 

    20% Saw Cut Jobs 

    • Cut raw stock allocated with work orders, maintenance, or other needed saw related request (under direction of machine shop)
    • Cut “L” arms on chop saw and horizontal saw, de-burring included. 
    • Before submitting parts to next operation, must be deburred and free of excess oil
    • Maintain saw equipment and keep in overall state of operation
    • Maintain changing of worn blades and other related items
    • There may be miscellaneous routine maintenance needed related to saw

    5% Cleanliness of Production Shop

    • Benches organized, free of clutter and debris
    • Clean-up and sweeping, trash in trash cans
    • Machinery kept clean and organized

    2.5% Outside Trash Duties

    • Empty inside trash and cardboard to outside dumpsters
    • Maintain any outside trash clutter around building and parking lot.
    • When needed assist with routine in house trash duties (back up)
    • Regular scheduled routine upkeep of outside dumpster (lids closed, keep area cleared and unblocked for truck access)

    2.5% Miscellaneous Duties

    • This will include duties requested by management that is not listed here 

    Leaving the company grounds at break time is not permitted without approval of your supervisor or plant manager
    All production shop employees are expected to adhere to the working hours and break schedule outlined in the company handbook

    This position requires responsibility. Like other employees, your role is to be part of the production team (to provide our customer with the highest quality product, while maintaining on-time shipments)Union Process is an equal opportunity employer and offers competitive salaries/hourly wages with excellent benefits including a 401(k) profit sharing plan.