Material: Lithium iron
phosphate + conductive agent
Feed size: D50=2-3µ
End size: D50<200nm
Processing time: 0.5 hr
Solvent: NMP
SEM (1µ) of lithium iron phosphate after
processing for 0.5 hr
SEM (0.5µ) of lithium iron phosphate after
processing for 0.5 hr
Circulation Mixes and
Disperses Finished Battery
Figures 1 and 2 display consistency and
repeatability of milling results from the
S-Attritor. The D50 is within the 5% range,
and the D99 is within the 10% range.
with an increase in grinding time,
the degree of repeatability is increased as
well. Union Process, Inc., mills can produce
fast, efficient, and repeatable results for the
lithium iron battery industry.
Repetitive comparison of
grinding tests for lithium
iron phosphate precursor:
Grinding 15 min.
Particle Size (µ)
Figure 1
Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Particle Size (µ)
Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Grinding 45 min.
Figure 2
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For information about Union Process Mills that can be used in
Lithium Iron Battery applications, please see:
(wet grinding)
(dry grinding)
(small media or bead milling)
S-Attritor Features
Adaptability: Premixing is not necessary
when processing multiple components.
The S-Attritor can process slurries with a
maximum viscosity of up to 30,000.
Circulation pump: Circulation during
processing improves grinding efficiency and
achieves uniform distribution of the slurry.
Variable speed system: Variable mill speed
allows versatility to optimize processing
(Small Media or Bead Milling)
High energy density: Patented design of Delta
disks create forced centrifugal grinding inside
the mill; the speed is higher than 15 m/sec.
Narrow particle size distribution: The mill
tank is filled with small media and operated
at a very high circulation rate. Produces
very narrow particle size distribution of the
processed material.
Super fine grinding media are used: As fine
as 0.1-1 mm media can be used in the mill.
Final products from the mill can be as fine as
SD-Attritor Features
Variable speed system: Variable frequency
drive allows versatility to optimize
processing conditions.
Powders are easily added through top of
mill and discharged through a grid at
bottom of mill.
Allows for grinding under inert gases or the
introduction of liquid nitrogen for cooling.
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