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Union Process Offers A Broad Line of Laboratory Mills For

Virtually Any Grinding and Dispersion Application


01 Series

See a complete

description of the

01 Research Attritor

and Accessories

on pages 4-7.

S-1 Series

See a complete

description of the S-1

Laboratory Attritor and


on pages 8-11.

Multi-Tank HD-01 Lab Attritor System

The Multi-Tank HD-01 Lab Attritor System is the ultimate

set-up for quality control and test

grinding requirements.

• All tanks (expandable

from 2 to 6) are controlled

by ONE power source.

• A timing belt assures

that all connected

Attritor shafts run at

the same speed for the

same period of time.

Choose standard stainless steel or a metal-free system with all tanks

constructed from alumina, zirconia, or Tefzel.




Wet Grinding

(Continuous or Circulation)

Lab mill features specially

designed discs to eliminate

shaft whip and mill vibration and

provide greater random media

motion for improved efficiency.

Model SDM-1 Attritor

This lab mill offers bead milling

in a batch configuration. It

includes a discharge valve

and a 5 HP explosion-proof

mechanical variable speed

drive motor.

HSA-1 Dry Grinding (Continuous)

A high speed lab Attritor typically used

in the continuous mode for fine dry

grinding applications. Discharge is

through a side screen and valve. For

special applications, a ceramic-lined

tank is available.

C-5 Wet Grinding (Continuous)

This vertical mill (with no shaft

seals) is a lab version of the

Union Process Continuous

Attritor ("C" machines). It is

ideal for continuous and fast

grinding of large quantities

of material. The C-5 can be

used to reliably test and

scale-up to production size

continuous Attritors.

Uses Media

.3 to 1mm

Uses Media

.25 to 3mm

Uses Media

3 to 6mm

Uses Media

3 to 6mm

Uses Media

.5 to 3mm

Q-03 Wet Grinding (Circulation)

This small, bench-type

laboratory-sized circulation

mill allows users to perform

lab trials using very small

sample sizes. Circulation

Attritors ("Q" machines) are

distinguished by faster

grinds and a narrow particle

size distribution.