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Tank Options

(approx. gross


Stainless steel — 1/2 gal., 1 gal.,

1-1/2 gal., 2-1/2 gal.

Stainless steel with stationary

arms — 1-1/2 gal., 2-1/2 gal.

Alumina-lined — .4 gal., .8 gal.,

1.1 gal. and 1-1/2 gal.

Zirconium oxide-lined — .4 gal.,

.8 gal., 1.1 gal. and 1-1/2 gal.

Silicon carbide-lined — 1-1/2 gal.

Silicon nitride-lined — 1-1/2 gal.

Rubber-lined — 1/2 gal., 1 gal.,

1-1/2 gal., 2-1/2 gal.



-lined — 1/2 gal., 1 gal.,

1-1/2 gal., 2-1/2 gal.

Polyurethane-lined — 1/2 gal.,

1 gal., 1-1/2 gal., 2-1/2 gal.

Working capacity for 1/2 gal. tank

is 1 quart.

Working capacity for 1 gal. tank

is 1/2 gal.

Agitator Arms:

Following arms can be installed in

either stainless steel or plastic-sleeved

agitator shafts:

Tool steel (hardened)

Stainless steel (440C)



-faced stainless steel

Plastic sleeved, steel reinforced

Transformation toughened

alumina sleeved

Polyurethane coated

Silicon nitride sleeved

Tungsten carbide sleeved

Zirconium oxide sleeved

Specially configured "L" arms

available in stainless and tool steel

Special bottom-lifter arms

Conversion Assembly:

This assembly is designed to convert

a S-1 to a Circulation-type "Q"

system. The assembly includes a

top discharge chamber, grid plate

with slotted grids, axial seal, and

shaft impeller. Also included is a new

agitator shaft for the required six

agitator arms. A pump and holding

tank are also required (see photo

upper right on page 11).


2-piece aluminum, stainless steel

or plastic

1-piece stainless steel with simplified

mechanical shaft seal, with gas inlet/

outlet and charging port

1-piece stainless steel with floating

Teflon seal and charging port

1-piece stainless steel with brush

seal and charging port

1-piece stainless steel with

floating seal, charging port, and

vent for grinding in liquid nitrogen

(cryogenic grinding)

Bottom Valves:

Stainless steel ball valve (standard)

Dry grind metering valve (cannot

seal for inert gas use) (standard for

dry grind)

Discharge Grids:

Hardened tool steel

Stainless steel


Zirconium oxide

Tungsten carbide-faced

stainless steel

Grids come with a choice of the

following openings: 1/8", 3/32",

1/16", 1/32", or 1mm, .5mm, or .4mm


Stainless steel sample vessel

for discharge under inert gases

complete with site glasses

Adapter for S-1 to hold HD-01

750cc or 1400cc tanks (includes

shaft reducer to enable standard

HD-01 shafts to fit S-1 coupling)

Special top assembly to convert to

a Circulation ("Q") Attritor

Pumps For Circulation:

Same as 01 Series

Air driven, explosion-proof

110V, 1/4 HP, variable speed

110V, 1/4 HP, variable speed,


Portable Stand

w/Heavy Duty Casters:

Available for use with S-1 Attritor

Many accessories are available for the S-1. With the basic mill, one can equip

it for metal-free grinding, for grinding under inert gases, and for cryogenic

grinding. Most parts are interchangeable. Each size tank has its own arm sizes

but the 1 gallon, 1-1/2 gallon and 2-1/2 gallon tanks share the same shaft size.

For all covers, one size fits the 1-1/2 gallon and 2-1/2 gallon, and one size fits

the 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon. Bar grids are interchangeable for tanks made from

the same material. One size bar grid fits the 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 gallon tanks, and

another size bar grid fits the 1/2 and 1 gallon tanks. A pump is available to

duplicate the circulation process in the production-based Attritor.

There is also an adapter available to allow the use of the HD-01 series tank

sizes on the S-1. There is also a special top assembly available to convert the

S-1 to a circulation type "Q" system. A special jacket design to ASME pressure

vessel code is available. Normal pressure rating of jacket is 10 PSIG.

Please see the list below of all accessories available.



1. 1-1/2 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank with Stationary Arms

2. Stainless Steel Sample Vessel for Discharging Under Inert Gas

3. 1-1/2 Gallon Tefzel-Coated SS Tank

1. One-Piece SS Cover with MECO Shaft

Seal, Gas Inlet/Outlet, and Charging

Port for Grinding Under Inert Gas

2. One-piece Stainless Steel with Floating

Seal, Charging Port, and Vent for Grinding

in Liquid Nitrogen (Cryogenic Grinding)

3. Two-Piece Plastic

4. One-piece Stainless Steel with

Brush Seal and Charging Port

5. Two-Piece Aluminum

1. SS Shaft with Hardened Tool Steel

Arms, 2.5 Gallon

2. Plastic-Sleeved Shaft with Zirconium

Oxide Sleeved Arms, 1.5 Gallon

3. Bottom Lifter Arm

4. L-Shaped Arm, Hardened Tool Steel

5. Xylethon Sleeved Arm

6. Zirconium Oxide Sleeved Arm

7. Tungsten Carbide Sleeved Arm

8. Polyurethane Sleeved Arm

9. Silicon Carbide Sleeved Arm

10. Polyethylene Sleeved Arm

11. 440C Stainless Steel Arm

1. Plastic (Xylethon), 3/32"

2. Plastic (Lub-R), 1/8" Openings

3. Zirconium Oxide, 1/16" Openings

4. SS, WC Faced, 3/32" Openings

5. Plastic (Lub-R), 3/32" Openings

6. SS, 1/8" Openings

7. 1/8" Slot Metering Valve Bar Grid

8. SS, 1/32" Openings













5 6 7









8 9 10 11





Close-up of shaft and arm

showing pin, which is

removed to take arm

out of shaft.



is a registered trademark of E.I. DuPont deNemours Co., Inc.



(a nickel-based alloy) is a registered trademark of Wall Colmonoy Corporation.