Operates in either Circulation or
Continuous mode.
Discs/Rods can be either hardened
steel, 440C stainless steel,
polyurethane or zirconium oxide.
Separator rings can be either
hardened steel, 440C stainless steel
or zirconium oxide.
Grinding chamber can be either
304 stainless steel or polyurethane,
alumina, or zirconium oxide-lined.
Cartridge-type double mechanical
seal for easy maintenance.
Hinged door for easy access to
grinding chamber.
This lab mill is an ideal size for testing small
amounts of material. It can be equipped with
holding tanks from as small as 1 liter to as large
as 20 liters (5 gal.) Results from the DMQX-07
may be scaled up to production-size models.
Samples can be taken at any time. The mill
comes complete with pump, stainless steel
jacketed holding tank, and cartridge mechanical
seal. It is easy to clean and maintain.
Explosion-proof models
Interchangeable grinding
tanks (standard tank is 4
liters), discs and screens
allow for easy
changeover to metal-free
grinding, if required.
Circulation Grinding is a cost-effective solution
for grinding large quantities of material as it
allows for a lower cost capital investment in
equipment and grinding media than with many
other grinding equipment options. Additional
benefits of circulation grinding include a
narrower particle size distribution, the ability to
continuously monitor the slurry, add ingredients
to the premix tank at any time during the grinding
cycle and control temperature more precisely
since the slurry spends only 15-25 seconds in
the grinding chamber.
Rail system allows for easy
maintenance and tank removal.
Easily adjustable product discharge
openings maximize throughput and
accommodate grinding media from
2mm down to .3 or smaller.
Large, heavy-duty media separator
located at the end of the mill makes
service fast and easy.
Production-sized mills include rail
systems for easy maintenance and
tank removal.
Variable frequency drives are
Data acquisition optional.
Installation requires no anchor bolts
or special foundation.
Model DMQX-07
(shown with
1-liter tank)
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