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Toll processing utilizes the expertise

of Union Process while saving the cost

of a capital equipment investment.


grinding media

Union Process offers a full line of the highest quality grinding media available to

meet most any grinding and dispersing requirements. Along with literature

containing detailed specifications on the most common types of media, skilled

Union Process technical service representatives offer consultation and

assistance with the selection of media best matched to the equipment and the

application to attain optimum end results.



ProdUcT deveLoPmenT

and ToLL Processing

Working on a new product? Partnering with Union

Process engineers and technicians on the front

end can help you determine whether your material

can be ground to the size that you need to meet your

objectives. Union Process will also help a customer

by looking at ways to optimize throughputs to

maximize efficiency.

After this initial testing phase, customers may purchase

a mill or choose to have Union Process “toll mill” the

material for them.Toll processing agreements may be

for a short-term product development project or for

long-term production.Toll processing saves customers

the cost of capital equipment, personnel, space and

other costs associated with on-site manufacturing.