are best suited for the continuous production and fast grinding of
large quantities of material. They are designed to deliver hours of low-cost,
maintenance-free operation. The basic model features a system that
does not require an expensive shaft seal.
Continuous Attritors come in two basic types, “C” and “H”
series. The “C” series runs at lower RPMs and generally uses a
larger grinding media of 5mm – 10mm diameter. The “H” series
runs at higher RPMs and utilizes smaller media of 2mm – 4mm.
Both C and H type Attritors are available in sizes ranging from
the large scale production model C/H-100 to the laboratory size
C/H-3 and C/H-5 models.
The laboratory size continuous Attritor models are designed to
reliably test and scale-up to production-size continuous Attritors.
They can also be used to produce small quantities for
developmental purposes.
A variety of accessories are available to meet different process
conditions including special models with all stainless steel
wetted parts.
Standard Features
Special 450% starting torque, 2-speed,
2-winding motors for easy startup
Standard (TEFC) or explosion-proof electric
motor and controls
Grinding tank (304SS) jacketed for
heating or cooling
90˚ tank tilt for shaft removal and easy
4140 steel shaft with hardened tool steel
agitator arms
Media discharge valve
Choice of variable-speed gear pump
or air diaphragm pump
Tank and Arm Options
Alumina-lined grinding tank
Rubber-lined grinding tank
Tungsten carbide sleeved agitator arms
Zirconium oxide sleeved agitator arms
Polyurethane sleeved agitator arms
440C stainless steel arms
Model C-5
Model C-60
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