From a revolutionary idea proposed and developed by
Dr. Andrew Szegvari in 1945, Attritor technology became the
basis for Union Process, Inc. Today, Attritors are considered to
be the most efficient grinding/dispersing systems and are used
in hundreds of industries and research laboratories worldwide.
How Attritors Work
The Attritor is often referred to generically as an “internally
agitated high energy media mill.” The operation of an Attritor is
simple and effective. The material to be ground is placed in a
stationary tank with the grinding media. The materials and media
are then agitated by a shaft with arms, rotating at high speed.
This causes the media to exert both shearing and impact forces
on the material. The final result of this remarkably efficient
process is extremely fine material, measured in microns or
fractions of microns, distributed on a very narrow curve.
The Continuous Attritor
The continuous Attritor is a compact vertical design suitable
for continuous production of large quantities of materials.
Premixed slurry is pumped through the bottom and discharged
at the top of a tall, narrow jacketed tank with internally agitated
grinding media. The fineness of the processed material
depends on the time the material stays in the grinding chamber
(“dwell” time).
Dwell time is controlled by the pumping rate. The slower the
pumping rate, the longer the dwell time and the finer the grind.
The grinding media used in continuous Attritors range in
size from 2mm to 10mm in diameter. Carbon steel, stainless
steel, chrome steel and ceramic balls are commonly used media.
Continuous Attritors can also be set up in series. This can
be accomplished by using larger media in the first unit which is
equipped with grids having larger openings for accepting a
coarse feed size. Subsequent units then utilize smaller media,
resulting in a finer grind.
The Union Process Advantage
From years of experience in designing and building
thousands of Attritors for use all over the world, Union Process
people have developed the “know how” to custom design the
Attritor to specifically meet your requirements — whether in the
lab or in the field. Union Process maintains a very well
equipped laboratory and pilot plant in order to simulate actual
production conditions. Skilled technical service representatives
are always available for consultation. When required, a
representative will visit the customer’s facility.
Advantages of Using a Continuous Attritor
Continuous large production
Fastest grinding and processing
Excellent temperature control
Simple and safe to operate
Low maintenance and power consumption
Common Applications for Attritors
Minerals, ores, coal
Paints, toners, inks
Food products
Chocolate, confectionery
Paper coatings, calcium carbonate, clay
Metal oxides
Agricultural flowables
Union Process C/H Attritors Produce Large Quantities of
Material Quickly and Efficiently
On Cover:
Model C-40 Continuous Attritor with media charging port.
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